Jesse Jessome

Born: December 22, 1981.
Instrument: Red Samic SG copy

Jesse plays the guitar and sings for Marigold...only in the shadow of Sandy. Jesse writes all his songs on a $250 B.C. Rich acoustic. He finds music only as a melody put to words or "lyrics" as we call them in the biz. Jesse owns a red Samic SG copy however he usually uses sandy's Fender. Jesse one day hopes to save up $1112.82 for a Fender Mustang (Sonic Blue). Jesse has very few hobies, he plays the guitar, he listens to music a for influences hmmmm...the music of the Smashing Pumpkins has had a inpact on him. Also the fun yet true lyrics of Green Day and Weezer. Other bands he just likes the sound of are (in no perticular order) Goldfinger, The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones, treble charger, Rancid, Jay-Wall and Battery Acid!!

Jesse hopes the band makes it somewhere, someday but until then he will just waste away on the sweet temptation that is life.